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GMD 12-645C N XL L M4

EAs the EMD 567s got worn, Many Railroads underwent rebuild programs to prolong the life of their locomotives. One Program in particular was the Uceta GP-16 program on the SCL. Starting in 1979 they took many of their GP7s, GP9s, and GP18s and replaced the existing 567 prime movers with 16cyl 645C Power Assemblies. This combination resulted in a unique sound never before released in the Model Railroad Market.

There were a number of these rebuild programs by many railroads. CN Had GP9RMs, The more…

GE 16-FDL Dash-7 ED2 N XL L M4

Recorded from a B36-7.

The GE FDL-16 prime mover was first used in 1959 in the General Electric U25B locomotive. Over the years little changed in terms of sound until the "Dash-8" series of GE locomotives was introduced. Known for their throaty chug and shaft driven compressor (rather than the more modern “Whoop” electric compressor). There was an interim period following the "U Boats" that began the era in GE called the "Dash-7s". During this time many locos started receiving exhaust more…

Baldwin VO-1000 N XL L M4


1st Generation Horn Template Pack 1
Horns (SoundCV9):
CV163=0 Leslie A-125
CV163=1 Leslie A-200
CV163=2 Leslie S-2M
CV163=3 Leslie S-3K
CV163=4 Leslie S-3L
CV163=5 Leslie S-5T
CV163=6 Nathan M3
CV163=7 Nathan M3H
CV163=8 Nathan M5
CV163=9 Nathan P5 (Old Cast)
CV163=10 Nathan P5R24 (Old Cast)
CV163=11 Nathan P3 (Old Cast)
CV163=12 Nathan P3-R4 (Old Cast)
CV163=13 Nathan P5A (Old Cast)
CV163=14 Wabco E-2

Bells (SoundCV10):
CV164=0 Baldwin Brass Bell more…


The EMD 710 is a line of diesel engines built by Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD). Introduced in 1985, the 710 series replaced the earlier EMD 645 series. Since its introduction, EMD has continually upgraded the 710G diesel engine. Power output has increased from 3,800 horsepower on 1985's 16-710G3A to 4,500 horsepower on 2012's 16-710G3C-T2. Over the production span of certain locomotive models, upgraded engine models have been fitted when these became available. For example, an early 1994-built more…


Introduced in 2012, General Electric's Tier 4 GEVo Series represents the latest in diesel-electric locomotive technology. The GE Tier 4 GEVo is designed to meet increasingly stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulations.

The EPA “Tier” emissions standards are a series, or Tiers, of allowable emissions levels based upon a locomotives’ date of manufacture. The highest and most stringent tier level, Tier 4, sets maximum allowable NOx and hydrocarbon emissions levels for more…


The GE U18B was introduced by GE as a branch line roadswitcher in 1973. Easy to spot due to its relatively short length — 54 ft 8 in (16.66 m) — it was the only North American locomotive powered by the 8-cylinder FDL engine.

There were some export locomotives built with this prime mover:
SG10B, U15C, U17C, U20C, and the C18-7i

The U18B was not well recieved as only 5 railroads bought the locomotive, with one railroad only purchasing 1 unit, for total of 163 units produced. The Seaboard more…

EMD 12-567C N XL L M4

The EMD 567 family of Prime Mover was one of the most widely used in the world! From F-Units to Geeps this popular power house can still be found in many locomotives riding the rails today. Our EMD 12cyl version of the 567C would be appropriate for the following locomotives:

LWT12 (Aerotrain)

Although the following locomotives used a slightly different variation of the EMD 12cyl 567, our sound file would be acceptable in the following as well:


1st more…

ALCO 12-251C3 N XL L M4

The ALCO 251 prime mover was the most popular and abundant prime mover ever made by the company. While it proved to be quite successful, it sadly outlived its original manufacturer, ALCO who closed their doors in 1969. The 251 prime mover is actually still available to purchase today from Fairbanks Morse for use in marine, generator and locomotive uses.

Recorded from an MLW M-420W

The 2000 Horsepower 12cyl 251C can be found in the following more…