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The SD50 was produced in response to increasingly tough competition from GE Transportation Systems, whose Dash 7 line was proving quite successful with railroads. While EMD's SD40-2 was a reliable and trusted product, GE's line included locomotives up to 3,600 hp (2,685 kW) with more modern technology, as well as very competitive finance and maintenance deals. EMD responded throughout the SD50 program by offering discounts on large orders.

GM-EMD had previously produced 3,600 hp (2,685 kW) more…

GE 12-GEVO Ed2

GE Evolution 12cyl "GEVO" Locomotives have a 4 stoke diesel engine and have been designed to be more efficient and more emission friendly than previous models. Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with either AC or DC traction motors, depending on the customer's preference, though admittedly there is little sound difference if any between the two.

All early GEVOs were delivered with the Nathan Airchime K5HL air horn. Later GEVOs started to recieve a slightly different K5HLL horn. Most if more…

EMD 16-710G3B T SD60E

This sound file was recorded from a real SD60E locomotive.

Please note, this file is function mapped to match the lighting outputs in the Athearn SD60E.

The SD60E program was designed to upgrade 1980's SD60s with current electronic controls and crash-worthiness upgrades in Norfolk Southern's Juniata shops in Altoona PA.

The rebuilds receive a Tier 0+ 16-710G3B prime mover rated at 4,000 hp, compared to the standard SD60's 3,800 hp. Along with the HP upgrade they also recieved all new wiring more…

ALCO 12-251C3

The ALCO 251 prime mover was the most popular and abundant prime mover ever made by the company. While it proved to be quite successful, it sadly outlived its original manufacturer, ALCO who closed their doors in 1969. The 251 prime mover is actually still available to purchase today from Fairbanks Morse for use in marine, generator and locomotive uses.

Recorded from an MLW M-420W

The 2000 Horsepower 12cyl 251C can be found in the following more…

EMD 16-567D3 T

The 567 prime mover is a line of medium-speed diesel engines manufactured by GM Electro-Motive Division. They were used in many EMD locomotives from 1938-1966 when it was replaced by the EMD 645. The 567 proved to be exceptionally successful in passenger, switching, freight, marine and stationary services. The 16 cylinder 567D3 variation was used in the following...


Although the following locomotives do not have a 567D3, they are in the 567D family and this sound more…


The EMD 645 series engine was an evolution of the earlier 567 series and a precursor to the later 710 series. When the 645 prime mover entered production in 1965, a large series of new locomotive models were introduced. The turbocharged version was used in EMD's 40 Series (GP40, SD40 and SD45) in 3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW), sixteen-cylinder form and in 3,600 horsepower (2,700 kW), twenty-cylinder form. EMD also introduced the Roots-blown 38 Series (GP38, SD38) and turbocharged, twelve-cylinder more…


The EMD F40PH is a four-axle 3,000–3,200 hp (2.2–2.4 MW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division in several variants from 1975 to 1992. Intended for use on Amtrak's short-haul passenger routes, it became the backbone of Amtrak's diesel fleet after the failure of the EMD SDP40F. The F40PH also found widespread use on commuter railroads in the United States and with Via Rail Canada.

The design of the F40PH was based on the EMD GP40-2 freight locomotive and more…

GE 16-7FDL16Y9

In the Mid 1980s GE changed it's 16cyl FDL design to include a different exhaust silencer, a new electric compressor often known as the "Whoop compressor" and changed some of the electronics of their locomotives. These differences among a few other led to a distinct change in the sounds from the GE 16cyl FDL often found from the U25Bs on through the Dash-7 series of the Locomotives.

GE's AC series of locomotives were introducted in 1994. They share the same carbody design and many of the more…

EMD 16-567BC 2EXH NT Ed2

The EMD 567 is a line of large medium-speed diesel engines built by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. The EMD 567 16cyl Prime Mover was one of the most widely used Prime Movers in the world and was used from 1938 until its replacement n 1966. From F-Units to Geeps this popular power house can still be found in many locomotives riding the rails today. Alle 567 engines are two-stroke V-engines with an angle of 45° between cylinder banks, a bore of 8,5 in (216mm) and a stroke of 10 in more…

BLW Dual 6-606SC

Baldwin 6 cylinder 606SC with Dual Prime Movers

Locomotives: DT-6-6-2000 - CenterCab Transfer Units, Baldwin Demo, ATSF, EJ&E, Cotton Belt, DSS&A, MN&S, Trona DR-6-4-2000 - Six axle Sharks, PRR -Classified as BP-20s

File also contains an "Isolation Switch" Mode on F15 when Standing Still.
Pressing F15 while not moving will lower the prime mover and lock the motor. F15 must be turned off to begin moving.

Another Mode is "Reverser In Center Position". When pressing F24 while stopped, the more…