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BB475000 H0

The SNCF BB 75000 (also known as the SNCF BB 475000) are 4 axle diesel electric locomotives ordered in 2000 by SNCF for freight operations to renew its aging fleet.

The locomotives are also classified as Prima DE30BAC

They are similar in appearance to the SNCF Class BB 27000, but are in fact the result of a collaboration between Alstom and Siemens. The internal electrical components are similar to those found in the Siemens 'EuroSprinter' made for ÖBB; the Rh 2016, and the bodyshell, bogies more…

Re6/6 H0

traction locomotive Re 6/6 of the swiss railways SBB

EHG388 H0 M4

Until the end of the 1950-ies the DB employed 1960 auxiliary emergency vehicles containing tools and materials, which were engaged in case of accidents such as derailments. These vehicles were reconstructed old coaches. For standardisation purposes the DB then developed jointly with the BZA (Bundesbahnzentralamt), the central design and approval authority of the DB in Minden, a standard support vehicle for emergency services. It was based on the express freight car MDyg and the upper bodies of more…

ESU BR 151 H0 M4

BR 151 For around 40 years the Class BR 151 represented the most important type for traction of fast and heavy freight trains for the State Railway of Federal Republic of Germany (DB). At the time of origin in the early 1970s the six axle loco were faster then any more more…

ESU BR 218 H0

The classes (BR) 215 and 218 diesel locomotives of the Western German Railway (DB) are used in mixed service since 1968. 218 101 to 194, 218 242 to 288 were equipped with a 12 cylinder 4 stroke main Diesel from MAN that was later called MTU 12 V 956 TB10 that generates 2500 HP. The 2800 HP version of this motor is called MTU 12 V 956 TB11. In the late 1980s the exhaust system of BR 218 with the 12 V motor had been optimized. Since 1995 many of the 218 are equipped with motors called "MTU 12 V more…

ESU BR 215 H0

Baureihe 215 der DB. Diese Lok beinhaltet bereits den verlängerten Lokkasten der späteren Baureihe 218, wurde aber noch mit einem Dampfheizkessel ausgestattet. Diese Projektdatei beinhaltet den 12 Zylindermotor MA 12 V 956 TB10 von MAN, den neben den 10 Vorserienloks 215001 - 215 010 auch die Serienmaschinen 215 071 bis 093 erhielten.
Die meisten Serienmaschinen der baureihe 215 erhielten jedoch noch den 16 Zylindermotor der Baureihe 216.
Diese Projektdatei ist abgestimmt auf die Verwendung more…

Big Boy (UP 4023) H0

articulated steam locomotive
4-8-8-4 BIG BOY

E 42 H0

electric locomotive E42

PKP Pt31 H0

PKP Pt31 H0