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E94 DRG DB3 M4

In the late 1930s the German DRG wanted to increase the weight of freight trains. Therefor six axle E94 had been developed. During WWII 146 samples were built. The six motor locos develop 3300 kW and reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h. After the war 44 locos were overtaken by Austrian Railway OEBB, another 23 were refitted by DR of German Democratic Republic of Germany. After building some new locos till 1956 the DB used 124 locos for heavy freight service. Sometimes the locos could be seen also more…

T16.1 DB Ep-III M4

Prussian T16.1 had been one of the most important steam locomotives for short freight and heavy switching duty. The two cylinder loco delivered 1070 HP and reached a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

BR 265 M4

For heavy switching and freight service German State Railway DB ordered 31 samples of diesel hydraulic Voith-Gravita® loco. Prime mover MTU 12V 4000 R43L delivers 1800 kW at 1800 rpm and enables the loco to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Also loco rental service Northrail and HzL in Southern Germany bought two samples each.

BR261 M4

dieselhydraulic locomotive BR261

Seilbahn H0

ropeway by Brawa

Hh Brawa H0

Steam locomotive class Hh of the Royal Württembergian State Railroad, Type 0-10-0

The main load of freight traffic of the Königlich Württembergische Staats-Eisenbahnen (K.W.St.E.) was carried by the three-coupled class F and Fc freight locomotives. There were only a few five-coupled class G Klose locomotives which were used particularly for steep inclinations.

The increase in freight traffic meant that freight trains had to be coupled more frequently to two locomotives. This however was very more…

KkStB 178 N

Derived from the small locos with eight coupled wheels and compound drive („Verbundtriebwerk“) developed by Karl Gölsdorf for the Schneeberg railway in 1898, 211 machines of the 178 series were built until 1924. All locos were equipped with the typical funnel called „Kobelschornstein“, but differed slightly in weight because of differently large storage tanks.

BR132 DR/BR232 M4

The most famous East German diesel loco is the 132. The six axle diesel electric loco is nicknamed “Ludmilla” by train fans. 709 samples of the 3000 HP locos had been delivered by Lokomotivfabrik Woroschilowgrad in Lugansk (Soviet Union today Ukraine) between 1973 and 1983 to the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR). The 132 reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h and were used for passenger service as well as for heavy freight trains. Even 2015 around 40 units (1994 renumbered for BR 232) are still in use by DB.

Württembergische T5 M4

steam locomotive, type 2-6-2; aka DRG BR75


The German federal state railway (DB) purchased ten samples of the class V80 diesel locomotive with hydraulic drivetrain in 1952. The four axle diesel for light branch and main line service were equipped with one diesel motor of Mercedes Benz, MAN or Maybach that delivered between 800 and 1000 HP. The motors had been interchangeable also between rail diesel cars VT 08, VT 11.5 and the famous V200 class. In the 1960s the V80 got a MTU MB 12 V 493 TZ diesel that had been used also in V100 class. more…