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DSB MZ1407 M4

diesel-electric locomotive DSB MZ1407

V 80 M4

Diesel locomotive V80

BR218 TB11 Motor M4

diesel locomotive BR218 (MB TB11 motor)

Rh2016 Hercules M4

Diesel-Locomotive ÖBB Rh2016
/ Hercules

RENFE 333 / D333 M4

Diesel locomotive RENFE D333

Class 201 H0

irish class 201 diesel locomotive

Class071 H0

diesel locomotive Class071 / Class111 of the irish railroad CIE/NIR

VT 36 H0

diesel double railcar VT36 of the DB

BR229 (BR119 DR) H0

Diesel locomotive BR 229, former DR BR 119 ("Submarine")

BB475000 H0

The SNCF BB 75000 (also known as the SNCF BB 475000) are 4 axle diesel electric locomotives ordered in 2000 by SNCF for freight operations to renew its aging fleet.

The locomotives are also classified as Prima DE30BAC

They are similar in appearance to the SNCF Class BB 27000, but are in fact the result of a collaboration between Alstom and Siemens. The internal electrical components are similar to those found in the Siemens 'EuroSprinter' made for ÖBB; the Rh 2016, and the bodyshell, bogies more…