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V100 M4

The diesel locomotive V100 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) had been developed in the late 1950s to replace the Prussian steam locos BR 38.10-40, BR 55 and 78. The locos had 12 cylinder four stroke motors with 1100 HP of MAN, Mercedes-Benz or Maybach. A pair of those motors also worked in the famous V200. The DB found out that the motors were not strong enough for some service so the DB ordered a stronger version of the V100.10 (later numbered as BR 211) named V100.20 (later BR 212). The 212 had more…

Stettin DRG VT137 M4

diesel railcar Stettin VT137 of the Deutschen Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (DRG)

E42 M4

electric locomotive E42

G 7.1 M4

In 1950, the Deutsche Bundesbahn still had approx. 100 locos of the G71 in their inventory, of which about half were operational. In addition to railway depots (Bw) in the Ruhr area (including Duisburg, Essen, Hamm and Oberhausen), the Bw Minden and Kaiserslautern also had several operational machines in their inventories. They were mostly used for shunting and transfer service. Since there was a sufficient amount of newer and more powerful machines for these services, the final units of the more…

S 3/6 M4

Class S 3/6 steam locomotives of the Royal Bavarian State Railways

BR 01.10 Kohle M4

Steam locomotive BR 01.10, coal firered

DSB MZ1407 M4

diesel-electric locomotive DSB MZ1407

BR 18.4 M4

express train BR18.4 of the german railways (DB) Class S 3/6 steam locomotives of the Royal Bavarian State Railways

V 80 M4

Diesel locomotive V80

BR218 TB11 Motor M4

diesel locomotive BR218 (MB TB11 motor)