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EMD 567 H0

The EMD 567 is a line of diesel engines built by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division. This engine, which succeeded Winton's 201-A, was used in EMD's locomotives from 1938 until its replacement in 1966 by the EMD 645. It has a bore of 8.5 in (220 mm), a stroke of 10 in (250 mm) and a displacement of 567 in³ (9.29 L) per cylinder. Like the 201-A, the EMD 645 and the EMD 710, the EMD 567 is a two-stroke cycle engine. It is a V engine with an angle of 45° between cylinder banks. Some common more…

Baldwin VO-6 H0

Baldwin VO-6 Prime Movers were used in in only one locomotive.
Baldwin's 142 VO-660s.

Though not quite correct the VO-6 Prime mover is very similar to the sound of the V0-8 Prime mover.
This would be correct for the very popular VO-1000
This file contains 16 Airhorns accessible by changing CV48 values 0-15


There has been mass confusion on the GE 7FDL and GE FDL designations. From our research we have found that the prefix "7" lumps the engine into the GE category of large rotating machinery, the same prefix is used on their Generators and Alternators. The "7" prefix was not used until GE purchased the design from Cooper-Bessemer.” Of course different exhausts, body styles and other factors will cause engines to sound different.
This file contains 16 Airhorns accessible by changing CV48 values more…

GE FDL-12Cyl H0

The GE FDL-12Cyl Prime Mover is different from the 7FDL Prime movers. The 7FDL were used in the "-7" series locomotives. FDL's were used primarily in the "U" Series Locomotives. In most cases the the FDL series was not used in locomotives built from 1977 forward.

Examples can be found in the following prototypes:
U23B, U23C, UD18, U26C, and dual prime mover version U50C

This file contains 16 Airhorns accessible by changing CV48 values 0-15

ALCO251-12 H0

The Alco 251 diesel engine was developed by the American Locomotive Company to replace the 244 and 539. The 251 Prime mover was Alco’s best selling prime mover. In 1954, the 251 went into production with the inline-6 at Auburn, New York. The next year production of the V-12 followed. Samples of the 12Cyl versions were found in: RS-11, RSD-12, RS-18, RS-36, FPA-4, FPB-4, DL500B, RS-32, C420, MLW M420TR, M420W, DH643 and HR412
Ultimately a refined and successful design, the 251 outlived its more…