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GE U18B H0

Intermountain GE U18B 8Cyl 7FDL

Alco 244 12Cyl H0

Atlas RS-3
For 2014 Release Use 21MTC Select Decoder 73900 with 91456 sound programmed.
16x35mm Speaker 50325
Weights will need to be milled or removed to fit Decoder and Speaker if installing into a non Sound Loco.

As with all Select decoders there are also 16 separate horns, and 2 bells included on this one sound profile!

All changeable using CV48
Prime mover #1 (CV48=0) features a "Alco 244 12Cyl Prime Mover"
There is only on Prime Mover in this sound file. This Part of the CV48 more…

ALCO 251-16 W/Air Start H0

Bowser C-430 Alco 251-16 with Air Start


Intermountain Gevo

QR 1550 H0

Wuiske Models QR 1550

Atlas H-15-44/H-16-44 H0

Atlas H-15-44 / H-16-44


True Line Trains MP36PH-3S

Exlusive to the Metra Version.

EMD 567 16cyl. Non Turbo H0

Intermountain FT A&B Units


Intermountain Gevo

EMD 16cyl 645E3 With Turbo H0

InterMountain N Scale SD40-2

Equipped with ESU "FULL THROTTLE" features!
MUST use LokProgrammer Version 4.4.21 or newer

The emd 645 series was an evolution of the earlier 567 series and a precursor to the later 710 series. When the 645 prime mover entered production in 1965, a large series of new locomotive models was introduced. The turbocharged version was used in EMD's 40 Series (GP40, SD40 and SD45) in 3,000 horsepower (2,200 kW), sixteen-cylinder form and more…