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Baldwin 606 / 606NA-S12 H0

Bowser Baldwin S-12


Kato F40PH

Use 28mm 50333 Speaker

Along with the Standard F40PH K5LA horn, as with all Select decoders there are a total of 16 separate horns, 2 separate brake squeals, and 2 bells included on this one sound profile! All changeable using CV48

Baldwin 606SC / 606A H0

Bowser Baldwin DS-4-4-1000 6 Cyl

Alco 12cyl 251 H0

Atlas Alco C-420

As with all LokSound SELECT sound files, this file contains up to 16 different horns, 2 bells and 2 brake squeals.

Prime Mover:
CV48=0 ALCO 12cyl 251B

Uses our OLD-HORNS-AND-BELLS template...

CV48=0 Leslie A-200
CV48=1 Nathan K3L
CV48=2 Nathan M5
CV48=3 Nathan P3
CV48=4 Nathan Old Cast P5A
CV48=5 Nathan K3A
CV48=6 Leslie RS3L
CV48=7 Leslie S3L
CV48=8 Leslie A125
CV48=9 Nathan M3
CV48=10 Leslie RS3K
CV48=11 Hancock Air Whistle
CV48=12 Wabco E2
CV48=13 Nathan more…

GE 16cyl 7FDL Modern H0

Kato USA C44-9W and AC4400CW

In the mid 1980's GE changed it's 16cyl FDL design to include a different exhaust silencer, a new electric compressor (often known as the "Whoop compressor") and changed some of the electronics of their locomotives. These differences, among a few others, led to a distinct change in the sounds from the GE 16cyl FDL often found from the U25Bs on through the Dash-7 series of the locomotives. Somewhere along the line, GE also added a "7" to their FDL line of engines more…