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DE2700/ Di6/ ME26 N XL L M4

Based on the diesel-electric series DE 1024 with three-phase power transmission, MaK and Siemens developed the Di6 for the Norwegian State Railways NSB. The MaK 12M282 diesel engine developed 2650 kW at 1000 rpm and generated the power for the six traction motors. Since the locomotive with its top speed of 160 km/h was also to be used in heavy passenger train service, it was fitted with a train heating system. The twelve locomotives had various problems, two locomotives burned out. After more…

Desiro N XL L M4

Dieseltriebwagen Epoche IV

DR V100 N XL L M4

The dieselhydraulic V100 (1968 BR 110 – 115, ab 1992 BR 201 – 204, 293) had been developed by VEB Lokomotivbau „Karl Marx“ for GDR state railway DR for multi purpose service on main and branch lines. The traction motors delivered 1000 HP at 1500 rpm and enabled the loco to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The turbocharged engine 12 KVD 21 SVW is similar to the motor of V180/V100.

Feuerwehrlok N XL L M4

V100 Diesel-locomotive with siren function

G1700 N XL L M4

diesel hydraulic shunting locomotive G1700


Dieselhydraulic Locomotive G 2000 BB with MTU Motor

Henschel DHG 500 C N XL L M4

diesel locomotive Henschel DHG 500 C

Henschel-BBC DE2500/BR202 DB N XL L M4

The DB Class 202, also commonly referred to under its manufacturers' designation Henschel-BBC DE2500, since it was only in experimental use and never purchased by the DB, is a class of diesel-electric locomotives designed for use on main and secondary lines for both passenger and freight trains.


Diesel elektric version of the ICE (DBAG Baureihe 605)

KEG 2100 / PKP ST43 / 060 D N XL L M4

Rumanian State Railway CFR ordered six samples of diesel electric 060 DA loco at Swiss SLM. After successful testing Rumanian Electroputere started licensed mass production of 2490 samples. Sulzer diesel prime mover 12 LDA 28 develops 1900 HP at 750 RPM. The six electric motors speed the six axle loco up to 100 km/h. The locos were delivered to Rumanian CFR, PKP of Poland, BDZ of Bulgary, Chinese Railway and FER of Italy. German private railway KEG bought 23 locos second hand from CFR and used more…