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RhB Tm 2/2 20 N XL L M4

In 1962 Swiss Rhetian Railway ordered two diesel electric shunting locomotives Tm 2/2 at Raco/SLM. In 1990 the locos received new Cummins 4BT 3.9 84 HP prime movers and RhB re-numbered them 19 and 20.

RhB Gmf 4/4 242-243 N XL L M4

For traction of trains for construction areas Swiss Rhetian Railway (RhB) ordered two diesel electric Gmf 4/4 242 and 243 at German manufacturer Kaelble-Gmeinder. The four axle locos are driven by a Caterpillar 12 cylinder prime mover 3412 DI-TA and reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h.


For contemporary commuter and branch line passenger service DB ordered 30 samples of diesel mechanic rail cars Alstom-LHB Lint 27 in 1999. The tognum six cylinder engine delivers 428 HP and reaches a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

BR 245 Traxx DE ME N XL L M4

BR 245 is the brand new diesel electric multi-motor loco of German State Railway DB. Based on the electric locos BR 145-185 new 245 shares around 75 % of the parts with them. The four Caterpillar CAT C18 diesel motors develop 563 kW each. The loco is able to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Only sometimes the traction motors need the energy of all of the four motors, so the electronic system decides by itself to start or to switch off motors during operation.

BR210 N XL L M4

In 1970 the German DB built eight four axle diesel locomotives class 210 for heavy passenger service. The locos base on famous dieselhydraulic V160 series and reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The 210 had a MTU MA 12 V 956 TB 10 traction diesel motor and a separately shifted Avco Lycoming licensed gas turbine T 53-L 13. After two heavy defectives DB decided in 1978 to dismount the gas turbines. Till 2006 the locos were used as standard 218 and with the numbers 218 901-908.

BR 219 / V169 N XL L M4

In 1965 German DB ordered the first diesel hydraulic locomotive with additional gas turbine power. The V169 001 delivered 3200 HP and reached a maximum speed of 130 km/h. The gas turbine worked automatically when the engineer activated the booster notch while the diesel motor works in (highest) notch 15. In 1974 after around 9 years in heavy passenger service the now called 219 001 had a defective gas turbine so DB dismounted this booster and used the loco for 3 additional years.

VT 36.5 N XL L M4

The former Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG) ordered 50 hydraulic foru axle diesel railcars numbered as VT 137 241-270 and VT 137 442-461. The MAN diesel motors delivered 360 HP at 870 rpm and reached a maximum speed of 100 km/h. After WWII 16 railcars went to DB, seven were owned by DR.

Standart Class7 Britannia N XL L M4

Debuting in 1951 the BR Standard Class 7 had been one of the most famous classes of British steam locomotives. The two cylinder locos reached a maximum speed of 144 km/h and were used till 1966. 70000 “Britannia” and 70013 “Oliver Cromwell” are preserved and power fan trip trains.

SR West Country Class (Un-R) N XL L M4

Oliver Bulleid designed SR West Country Class with an air-smoothed body that gives the 110 samples a distinctive look. The members of West Country class ran smoothly even at high speed but they consumed too much fuel. So BR decided to re-design many of the locos with a more conventional look even in the early 1960s. Many of the non-rebuilts survived in service until 1967.

BR119 DR - 12KVD N XL L M4

The BR 119 (since 1990 BR 219) had been developed by Rumanian manufacturer „Lokomotivfabrik 23. August“ Bukarest as two motor diesel locomotive for the GDR state railway DR . The two traction motors delivered 1350 HP at 1500 rpm each and enabled the loco to reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h. For the use also on branch lines the six axle loco has a load per axle of 16 tons only. As the motors had been unreliable, the DR interchanged them with turbo charged 12 KVD motors of V180/BR 118 in the more…