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Stadler FLIRT N XL L M4

Electric rail car FLIRT by Stadler, SBB-type

Re 460 N XL L M4

Swiss electric loco Re 460

BB 16500 N XL L M4

SNCF BB 16500 electric locomotive, configurated for LS-Models-boards

Reeks 11, 12. 21, 27 N XL L M4

SNCB / NMBS standard electric locomotive, configurated for LS-Models HLE 27

Reeks 15 N XL L M4

SNCB / NMBS Standard electric locomotive old
CV- and sound adjustment for LS-Models Type 15

E50 / BR 150 N XL L M4

In 1957 German State Railway (DB) introduced it’s most powerful member of the so called “Einheits” electro locomotive family. The massive six axle six motor locomotives delivered 4500 kW and reached a maximum speed of 100 km/h. In 2003 last remaining 150 quitted service, but two locos are preserved in DB Museum.

BR420 N XL L M4

Commuter train BR420

Ge 4/4 I N XL L M4

The Rhetian Railway (RhB) of Switzerland ordered 10 four axle electric locos Ge 4/4 for the meter gauge Stammnetz at SLM in 1947. The 1184 kW locos reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h and are used for passenger and freight service.


German standard streetcar GT4

ETA150 - ESA150 N XL L M4

battery rail car ETA/ESA 150(since 1968 515/815) of the german federal railways DB.