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ABe 4/4 III 51-56 N XL L M4

Hochleistungslokomotive ABe 4/4 lll 51-56

Akkutriebwagen ETA 180 N XL L M4

For Passenger service on main and secondary lines Prussian State Railway KPEV ordered 114 samples of battery electric railcar AT 3/09 – AT 3/12. The two motors develop 63 kW each and enabled the cars to reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

BR 151 N XL L M4

*** This project file is adjusted for the use in Piko's BR 151 model. Please download this file to a LokSound 5 58412 with PluX22 interface.****
BR151 For around 40 years the Class BR 151 represented the most important type for traction of fast and heavy freight trains for the State Railway of Federal Republic of Germany (DB). At the time of origin in more…

BR118/E18 N XL L M4

*** This project file is adjusted for the use in Piko's BR 151 model. Please download this file to a LokSound 5 58412 with PluX22 interface.****
BR151 Electric loco E18 had been the most important electric loco for passenger service of former Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG). Between 1935 and 1940 53 samples of E18 had been built. The locos more…

E03 / BR 103 N XL L M4

In 1965 German Deutsche Bundesbahn developed a six axle electric loco for fast passenger service. The unique design made the E03 (later 103) for the most famous German electric loco. All sample of the three designs reached a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Although they were developed only for light trains the 103 succeeded in heavy intercity service for more than 30 years.

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The more…

E10 / BR110 N XL L M4

For passenger service on main lines German Deutsche Bundesbahn DB received electric loco E10 001 in 1952. The four axle loco developed 3680 kW and reached a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

E32 / BR 132 N XL L M4

In 1924 German Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft DRG received the first sample of side rod equipped electric loco E32. The 29 locos developed 1170 kW and reached a maximum speed of 75 km/h. In the 1930s eight locos were re-geared for a maximum speed of 90 km/h. In 1971 the last remaining locos quitted service at the DB.
*** This project file is made to be used with the PIKO model of E32, released in 2021. Please use a 58412 LokSound 5 with PluX22 interface. ***

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F18 - more…

FO BDeh 2/4 41-45 N XL L M4

In 1941, the Schöllenenbahn and the Furka-Oberalp-Bahn in Switzerland procured five railcars, initially designated as BCFhe 2/4. These were designed for the 11kV, 16 2/3Hz AC system and featured appropriate equipment for the steep cogwheel sections. The four companies rebuilt and renamed the railcars several times until they operated as BDeh 2/4 from 1978. In adhesion mode, the 430 kW powered railcars reached 55 km/h and in rack mode 30 km/h. For gear and adhesion operation, the vehicles have more…

FO/MGB Deh 4/4 I/Deh 4/4 II N XL L M4

In 1972 Swiss narrow gauge Railway Furka-Oberalp-Bahn FO received five four axle electric locos with luggage compartment. The four motor locos developed 1032 kW and reached a maximum speed of 60 km/h in adhesion drive and 30 km/h using rack drive.

FS E626 N XL L M4

Elektrolokomotive FS E 626 Ep.IV-V
Nach fünf Vorserienloks bestellten die Italienischen Staatsbahnen FS zwischen 1933 und 1935 insgesamt 268 Exemplare der sechsachsigen Ellok E626 in mehreren Serien. Jeweils zwei Achsen waren in einem Gestell zusammen gefasst. Die beiden Endgestelle waren drehbar, das mittlere starr gelagert. Die sechs Fahrmotoren des FS-Typs 32.200 leisteten zusammen 2100 kW, die Höchstgeschwindigkeit der Lok betrug 95 km/h.