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BR 216 / V160 N XL L M4

After nine pre-series locomotives of the diesel-hydraulic series V160 with a complex round front (nicknamed Lollo, after the Italian film actress Gina Lollobrigida), in 1963 Henschel produced the last pre-series locomotive with an angular front, similar to that of the six-axle V320. Common to all pre-series locomotives was the 16-cylinder Maybach MD 870 diesel engine (later renamed MTU 16V 538 TB). The locomotives, equipped with steam heating, developed 1,900 hp and reached a top speed of 120 more…

V200.0 N XL L M4

In early 1950s young German Federal Railway (DB) introduced four axle two motor dieselhydraulic V200. The loco is powered by two 12 cylinder 1100 HP diesel made by Daimler-Benz, MAN or mostly a MD650 made by Maybach. For use in passenger service all locos received steam heating equipment by Hagenuk. With its maximum speed of 140 km/h the locos were used for multi purpose. After around 30 years DB discharged the locos. 13 locos went to Italian users, seven were sold to swiss SBB for traction of more…

G 1000 BB N XL L M4

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB ordered 90 class 2070 shunting locomotives from Maschinenbau Kiel MaK with Caterpillar diesel motor. These locomotives, known as MaK G 800 BB at MaK, form the basis of the 4th type program of the manufacturer. As a more powerful version of the G800, the G1000, equipped with an MTU 8V4000 diesel engine, came onto the market on the same chassis. The 1100 kW strong (at 1860 rpm) and 100 km/h fast locomotive can be ordered for axle more…

RhB Gmf 4/4 II 234 01-234 04 N XL L M4

For use with heavy maintenance trains Swiss narrow gauge line RhB ordered 4 samples of diesel electric Gmf 4/4 II loco at German manufacturer Schalker Eisenhütte. Prime mover MTU 12V 4000 R43L delivers 1800 kW at 1800 rpm and enables the loco to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

Nohab N XL L M4

In the early 1950s swedish NoHAB Corporation had built EMD locos as licence product s for European market. The locos called NoHABs had been used for passenger and freight service in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Luxemburg and Norway. After exmatriculation at the state railways, many of the locos had been sold to private owners and came e.g. to Germany. The locos are driven by a 16 cyl. 2 stroke diesel engine and reach a maximum speed of 135 km/h.

Different starting processes can be selected more…

SBB Tm232 N XL L M4

Swiss State Railways SBB refurbished 64 samples of dieselhydraulic shunters Tm IV since 2007. The new Caterpillar 13C Acert prime mover develops 280 kW at 1400 rpm. Gearing had not changed and enables the locos to reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. After rework locos are classified as Tm 232.

KG230 A12L-714 N XL L M4

From 1962 Deutz offered the two-axle dieselhydraulic KG 230 B in the power class of a Köf III. KG stands for small locomotive with cardan shaft drive, 230 for the power in PS and B for the wheel arrangement. The in-house air-cooled twelve-cylinder engine A12L714 developed 230 hp at 2000 rpm. The seven KG 230s built for explosion-sensitive plants were not equipped with a water-cooled six-cylinder diesel engine. The gears of most locomotives were set to a maximum speed of between 20 and 30 km / h more…

Stadler Euro Dual / BR159 N XL L M4

Instead of equipping electric locomotives with just a diesel power pack (last mile package), which enables them to be used independently of the driving current, for example on sidings, Stadler developed the EuroDual, which carries a full-fledged diesel engine. The EuroDual, run as the 159 series, runs purely electrically under the 15 kV-16 2/3 Hz system as well as in the AC and DC networks commonly used in France. Depending on the operating mode, traction power between 6150 kW and 7000 kW is more…

ÖBB 2070 N XL L M4

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB ordered 90 class 2070 shunting locomotives, nick-named Hector, from German Vossloh. The 12-cylinder diesel engine from Caterpillar develop 738 kW at 2100 rpm. The top speed is 100 km/h. These locomotives, which MaK calls Type G 800 BB, form the basis of the fourth type of the manufacturer. The locomotives are used in heavy shunting operations and pull regional freight trains.

ESU BR 215 - 12V N XL L M4

The classes (BR) 215 and 218 diesel locomotives of the Western German Railway (DB) are used in mixed service since 1968.

218 101 to 194, 218 242 to 288 were equipped with a 12 cylinder 4 stroke main Diesel from MAN that was later called MTU 12 V 956 TB10 that generates 2500 HP. The 2800 HP version of this motor is called MTU 12 V 956 TB11.

In the late 1980s the exhaust system of BR 218 with the 12 V motor had been optimized. Since 1995 many of the 218 are equipped with motors called "MTU 12 more…