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BR 141 / E41  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

In 1956 Deutsche Bundesbahn received the first sample of electric E41 (later BR 141) for lite commuter and freight service. The loco delivers 2400 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Out of the factory any of the locos wore the the equipment for push-pull-service and multi-traction-service. In the late 1980s DB installed modern push-pull-electronics to use with modern S-Bahn and double stack commuter cars. Last 141 quitted service in 2006.

ET65 DR / BR465 DB  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

For suburban traffic in Stuttgart, the Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft DRG initially purchased 21 units of the ET65 electric multiple unit from 1933. The four-axle vehicles with a top speed of 85 km/h initially drove as firmly coupled to the control car. Due to the increased space requirement, the sets in the middle of the train were supplemented by non-powered double wagons. Another, technically unchanged series of 23 powered rail cars and control cars followed in 1938. In the 1960s, the DB more…

BR 229  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Diesel locomotive BR 229, former DR BR 119 ("Submarine")

BR420  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Commuter train BR420

BR 58 / pr. G12  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

With the five-way coupled G12, the Prussian KPEV developed the first largely standardized steam locomotive series. The 1540 hp and 65 km/h three-cylinder locomotives were delivered from 1917. Because of its good operating characteristics, the Baden (98 units), Saxon (42) and Württemberg state railways (43) also procured the G12. After the Second World War, the majority of the machines, now designated as BR 58.2-21, remained in what was later to become the GDR. The fact that the locomotives had more…

BR 181 / 184  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

electric locomotive DB type 181/184 for transnational operation between Germany and France

BR 216 / V160  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

In 1964 series production of dieselhydraulic main line loco V160 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn DB started.The four axle loco was driven by a 16 cylinder diesel motor MB 16V 652 TB. The 1900-HP-locos were used in medium passenger and freight duty and reached a maximum speed of 120 km/h.

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BR 180 DBAG  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Electric locomotive DBAG BR 180, former DR BR 230

BR 91  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

steam locomotive BR91 / Prussian T9; type 2-6-0

BR 95  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

For service on steep grades prussian state railway (KPEV) ordered 45 samples of 2-10-2 steam locos T20. Successor DRG re-numbered them for 95.0. The locos delivered 1620 HP and reach a maximum speed of 65 km/h. The powerful locos were used for short line passenger and freight service. After WW II 14 locos were used by DB till 1958. DR rebuilt 24 samples with oil firing equipment and used them till 1981.==> (oil burner instead coal shoveling sound selectable via CV48 = value 1) <==