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BR247-Vectron DE  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Based on the electric Locos of Vectron locomotive family, Siemens developed a diesel electric version called Vectron DE. The diesel motor MTU 16V 4000 R 84 develops 2400 kW and enables the loco to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

BR189 / ES64F4  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Siemens/Krauss-Maffei developed a four-system electric loco on their Eurosprinter platform. Between 2003 and 2005 more than 150 samples left Munich factory. The four-axle loco develops 6400 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 140 km/h. German State Railway DB ordered 100 samples, MRCE another 45. Equipment for 1,5 kV and 3 kV DC enables the locos to operate in nearly any European country. Because of their moderate maximum speed the locos are used in heavy freight service mainly, but some can be more…

BR265  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

For heavy switching and freight service German State Railway DB ordered 31 samples of diesel hydraulic Voith-Gravita® loco. Prime mover MTU 12V 4000 R43L delivers 1800 kW at 1800 rpm and enables the loco to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Also loco rental service Northrail and HzL in Southern Germany bought two samples each.

Henschel-BBC DE2500/BR202 DB  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

The DB Class 202, also commonly referred to under its manufacturers' designation Henschel-BBC DE2500, since it was only in experimental use and never purchased by the DB, is a class of diesel-electric locomotives designed for use on main and secondary lines for both passenger and freight trains.

V162 / BR 217 DB  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Even during the series production of the V160, the German Federal Railroad DB was considering heating trains on non-electrified lines electrically instead of with steam, as was previously the case. In order not to have to divert power for the operation of the generator from the main diesel engine MTU MB 16 V 652 TB (1900 HP) taken over from the V160, it was decided to use the 12-cylinder engine MAN/MTU D 3650 HM 3 U with an output of 500 HP as a heating diesel engine, which had proven itself more…

BR 218 MTU-12V-956-TB11 blau  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

After stricter exhaust gas values had been in effect since the early 1990s, it was clear that the 218 that were due for reengineering can no longer be equipped with the exhaust-optimized 12-cylinder diesel engine 12 V 956 TB11, as this no longer complied with the limit values. MTU therefore took the previous engine block from the TB11 and changed the electronics. The blue paintwork also makes the new motor look different from its gray predecessor. The soundscape of the two TB11 versions differs more…

BR Class 31  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

After twenty pre-series locomotives of the six-axle Class 31 diesel locomotive, British Rail (BR) procured a further 243 units by 1962. The less reliable Mirrless diesel engine was replaced at an early stage by one from English Electric, which resulted in the 31/1 design, which was also equipped with an electropneumatic control system that had already proven its worth in other series. The 1100 kW diesel engine generates the energy for the four electric traction motors. The middle axles of the more…

BR Class 47  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

British Rail BR ordered 512 samples of dieselelectric Class 47. The Sulzer 12LDA28C prime mover 2750 HP and enable the six-axle locos to reach a speed of 153 km/h or 121 km/h depending on gearing.

Different starting processes can be selected with F1: 1x press button = warm start / press button 2x = false start / press button 3x = cold start

F2 slows down the locomotive slowly.

For F3 and F4, a total of 2 different signal horn variants can be selected with CV167: Value 0 = Horn variant 1 more…

BR Class 57 (EMD 12 645E3)  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

The emergence of the Class 57 went back to the idea of the British freight train service provider Freightliner, founded in the 1990s, who wanted to buy some of the state-owned British Rail Class 47s, which were prone to damage and were inefficient, and wanted to use them again after modernization. As a life-prolonging measure, for example, the 12-cylinder diesel engine 12-645 from EMD, which has been tried and tested ten thousand times over, was installed, which accelerated the six-axle vehicle more…

BR MPV Windhoff  LokSound 5 European Sound files N XL L M4

Based on the CargoSprinter railcar from the 1990s, Windhoff developed a modular platform for self-propelled railway service and rescue vehicles. The vehicles, known as Multi Purpose Vehicles MPV, are powered by two 6-cylinder MTU diesel power packs with a flanged ZF gearbox. The 780 kW four-axle vehicles reach a top speed of 100 km/h. From 1999, the British state infrastructure operator Network Rail procured a total of 18 single and 32 double units for work on the rail network.

F2 slows down more…