Bulletin: Soo Line 1003 2-8-2 (FT)

Manufacturer: ESU, Item number: 73474, Version: V3 R1

Equipped with ESU "FULL THROTTLE STEAM" features!
MUST use LokProgrammer Version 4.5.1 or newer.

The 2-8-2 wheel configuration on steam locomotives was one of the most highly used configurations made. This type of locomotive with 2 pilot wheels, 8 drive wheels, and 2 trailing wheels to support a larger firebox was first built for the Emperor of Japan, thus the name Mikado type. The first Mikado built for service in the US was built in 1901 and was owed by the Bismarck, Washburn and Great Falls until 1904 when it was acquired by the Soo Line.

This recording comes from the newer L-1 Class SOO Line 2-8-2 #1003. The SOO #1003 is a very average 2-8-2 not much different than the USRA light Mikado design. It does have slightly larger cylinders and a boiler pressure of about 170 PSI.

Originally delivered with a Westinghouse Cross Compound Air Pump, Walschaerts valve gear, an oil headlight, and a manual Johnson Bar, it was gradually upgraded to include a Power Reverse gear and electric headlights and class lights by about 1920.

It is important to note that wheel arrangement does very little to change the sounds of a steam locomotive. (Articulation aside). Boiler pressure, Stack size, Cylinder size and even the engineer at the throttle can all have more effect on the sound of locomotive than how many wheels are beneath it. While our dedication to accuracy is paramount, causing us to release very specific files, we will also be releasing some more generic files to try to give broad range to locomotives owned by MANY railroads. While this is a fairly common design and the sounds are similar to many locomotives, this ESU Full Throttle File is quite specific to the SOO #1003. We've included a few extra whistles for some variation.

The ESU Full Throttle Steam files now include a few new logic features for added operational realism while still leaving you in control of HOW you wish to run your locomotive.
Heavy Load: F9 by default.
Similar to the “Drive Hold” button on the Full Throttle Diesel files “Heavy Load” allows you to adjust the “Steam Cut Off Valve” at any speed allowing for a fierce full chuff or drifting with snifters and rod clanks. Heavy load can also act as an offset allowing speed adjustments when engaged if desired.

Coast: F4 by default.
Opposite of “Heavy Load” Coast allows for a negative offset allow drifting sounds of Rods and snifter valves at any speed. You again have the option to hold the speed to adjust the speed with this offset active. Even allowing for an increase of speed with no chuffs as if drifting downhill.

Grade Crossing: Sequence. F22 by default.
Allowing 1 button push to play a “pre made” grade crossing cycles with variable lengths and whistle play.

Independent brake: F10 by default
Identical to the Full Throttle Diesel files this is a custom feature created by using logic inside sound slot 11. This allows for the locomotive to stop more quickly than its regular momentum would normally carry it. This one is pretty self-explanatory – just press the brake and come to a stop!

Articulation: Sound Slot 2
By adding Sound Slot 2 to the F8 Function Mapping you can add a second set of drivers making any ESU Steam File articulated.

Function Mappable Air Horn: F21 by default
Sound Slot 21.
Many Steam locomotives had a single chime airhorn equipped. Those modelling SP, MILW, and others can now have this feature and put it where they would like in the function mapping in addition to the whistle.

As with all SELECT decoders there are multiple, bells included on this one sound profile! All changeable using CV48.

Chuff Set:
CV48=0 SOO Line #1003 2-8-2 W/ Power Reverse-Rod Clank
CV48=16SOO Line #1003 2-8-2 W/ Power Reverse-Snifters

CV48=0 SOO Line Six Chime from #1003 - Default
CV48=1 CPR #2317
CV48=2 CNR 6 Chime from Conway Scenic #4740
CV48=3 PRR Banshee

CV48=0 SOO #1003 Rope Pull - Default
CV48=64 SOO #1003 Air Ringer

Default CV48 Value = 0

0 - SOO Line 2-8-2 Mikado #1003
0 - SOO Line Six Chime from #1003
0 - SOO Line #1003 Rope Pull Bell

For more info please see the "Full Throttle Steam" Quick Start Guide in the ESU Instruction Manual Section of our Website.

KeyFunctionsSound slotsVolume CVsVolume values
F0Directional Headlights62995
F3Coupler sounds529140
F4Coast Mode
F5(Aux3) Mars Light62995
F6(Aux2) Cab Light62995
F7Manual Cylinder Cocks
F8Drive Sounds1, 17, 24259, 387, 44399, 40, 64
F9Heavy Load Mode
F10Independent Brake113390
F11Coal Shoveling1537164
F13(Aux4) Class Lights
F14Air Pump Variable Speed730730
F15Air Pump slow2041130
F17Automatic Brake Set/Release Off
F18Ash Dump1335564
F20Safety Valve10331128
F21Air Horn21419128
F22Grade Crossing sequence16379128
F23Oil Headlight (no dynamo/generator)

Make sure that index CV31 is set to 16 and index CV32 is set to 1 before changing a volume CV.