Bulletin: SNCF 140 C

Manufacturer: CHREZO, Item number: 90308, Version: V1-R1

Between 1913 and 1917 the French state railway company ÉTAT purchased 340 copies of the 1’D 140 C steam locomotive. After the beginning of the First World War, production was outsourced to British manufacturers. A third series of 70 machines was ordered for the transport of French artillery trains and after the War sold in equal parts to the French Eastern Railway EST and the PLM. The locomotives intended for freight train service developed 1210 hp and achieved an impressive 70 km/h for a freight locomotive. The 140 C 287 rented by the state-owned SNCF to Chemins de fer transport automobile CFTA had the honor of pulling the last regular steam train on state railroad tracks in September 1975.
*** This sound file is made for CHREZO Gauge 0 locomotive. It also controls the smoke unit 54678 that can be installed in the boiler. ****

KeyFunctionsSound slotsVolume CVsVolume values
F0front light (Directional)
F1sound on/off1, 2, 28, 32259, 267, 475, 507255, 255, 17, 3
F3short whistle signal23435255
F4smoke unit on/off
F5heavy load operation
F6shunting mode, shunting speed / acceleration-/brake time
F7curve squeal1537145
F8coal shoveling + fire box flickering529135
F9cylinder blow out932355
F10conductor's signal1033148
F11coupler clank831570
F13apply brake/brake release (automaticly)1335550
F14radio communication #17307100
F15radio communication #2 (shunting distance)14363100
F16safety valve12347255
F17brake function 1 (brake valve sound)2545150
F18station announcement4283100
F19water pump (slow)2141932
F21switch flange2242745
F23auxiliary blower2444370
F24air pump (slow)629940
F25sanding valve1133935
F26sound fader
F27water pump (fast)2645932
F28stuffing box in slow speed on/off
F29air pump (fast)2746740
F30disable brake squeal sound
F31rail clank1738745

Make sure that index CV31 is set to 16 and index CV32 is set to 1 before changing a volume CV.