Bulletin: BR 218 / MTU-MA-12V-956-TB11

Manufacturer: ESU, Item number: S0033, Version: V3-R3

The classes (BR) 215 and 218 diesel locomotives of the Western German Railway (DB) are used in mixed service since 1968.

218 101 to 194, 218 242 to 288 were equipped with a 12 cylinder 4 stroke main Diesel from MAN that was later called MTU 12 V 956 TB10 that generates 2500 HP. The 2800 HP version of this motor is called MTU 12 V 956 TB11.

In the late 1980s the exhaust system of BR 218 with the 12 V motor had been optimized. Since 1995 many of the 218 are equipped with motors called "MTU 12 V 956 TB11 NEU". The technical data stayed nearly the same but the exhaust detoxication improved again.

Heavy load operation:

F5 - Activates heavy load operation. The acceleration now takes noticeably longer and the diesel engine work harder.

Coast/Idle operation:

F12 - Activates Coast/idle operation. The engine speed goes to Coast/idle. This simulates, for example, a downhill ride or rolling without a trailer load.

Braking function:

F17 - H brake function (Hydrodynamic Brake). The locomotive brakes down to a speed of approx. 30 km / h and the revolution speed of the diesel engine increases.

Deactivate braking Sound:

F27 - Deactivates brake squeal Sound when the train stops. (4 different brake squeal sounds with CV170 value 0-3 selectable)

F14 - Station Announcement #1: Announcements selectable via CV169: (0=randomized Announcement, 1=Ulm, 2=Cologne, 3=Mainz, 4=Munich, 5=Mannheim, 6=Salzburg, 7=Stuttgart, 8=Dortmund, 9=Duisburg, 10=Augsburg)

KeyFunctionsSound slotsVolume CVsVolume values
F0front light
F1sound on/off1, 22, 30259, 427, 491160, 25, 60
F2air horn (high)3275160
F3Air Horn (low)4283150
F4radiator fan5291110
F5heavy load
F6acceleration/brake time, shunting mode/shunting speed2141930
F7curve squeal15371100
F9compressed air let off932354
F10conductor's signal1033180
F11coupler clank831560
F13apply brake/brake release (automaticly)1335563
F14station announcement #120411145
F15ESU smoke generator
F16open/close cab door1234780
F17brake function hydrodynamic-brake2545155
F18station announcement #214363230
F20radio conversation #126459115
F21switch flange18395100
F22radio conversation #223435115
F23train heating system
F25sanding valve1133940
F26sound fader
F27disable brake squeal sound
F28release train brake3149940
F29radio conversation #3 (shunting distance)27467115
F31rail clank1738780

Make sure that index CV31 is set to 16 and index CV32 is set to 1 before changing a volume CV.