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The EMD F40PH is a four-axle 3,000–3,200 hp (2.2–2.4 MW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division in several variants from 1975 to 1992. Intended for use on Amtrak's short-haul passenger routes, it became the backbone of Amtrak's diesel fleet after the failure of the EMD SDP40F. The F40PH also found widespread use on commuter railroads in the United States and with Via Rail Canada.

The design of the F40PH was based on the EMD GP40-2 freight locomotive and more…


Introduced in 1984, the C39-8 maintained the clean contours of the long hood and rounded cab roof of the Dash-7 series but featured larger, angular radiator “wings” at the rear of the carbody, an angular low short hood, and a boxy dynamic brake and clean air compartment at the front of the long hood, which jutted above the cab roofline.

Prime Mover wise, B39-8s and C39-8s are very similar sounding to other 16cyl bathtub type exhuast 7FDL equipped Dash-8s and Dash-9 from GE. One of the main more…


MPXpress is a series of diesel-electric passenger train locomotives designed for commuter rail service. The locomotives are built by MotivePower, a subsidiary of Wabtec. There are five variants of the MPXpress: MP36PH-3S, MP36PH-3C, MP40PH-3C, MP32PH-Q, and MP54AC. Of these, only the MP54AC conforms to federal Tier 4 emissions standards, making it the only variant that can be sold in the United States. Wabtec no longer lists the MPXpress in its locomotive portfolio.[2]

The MPXpress line of more…


The MPXpress line of locomotives were the first production passenger locomotives to meet EPA Tier 1 and Tier 2 emissions regulations, as well as FRA safety regulations regarding crashworthiness and fire safety. Numerous public transit agencies in Canada and the United States have ordered MPXpress locomotives for their commuter rail services. To date only GO Transit and Sounder Commuter Rail in Seattlehave MP40PH-3C in Service.

The prime mover used in the MP40PH-3C is a EMD 16-710GB. The more…

#165 WP ALCO 0-6-0 N XL L M4

Western Pacific 165 is an 0-6-0 switching locomotive built by the Schenectady Works of the American Locomotive Company. This engine was used at many of the WP's rail yards, including Stockton, Sacramento and Portola. It was built in November, 1919, for the United Verde Copper Company of Jerome, Arizona, as their number 87. On September 17, 1927, the 165 and three sister UVCC engines were sold to the WP and become the road's S-34 class, numbered 163-166.

These burly switchers supplemented WP's more…

Cummins 16-QSK95L-4200 HEP N XL L M4

The Siemens Charger is a family of diesel-electric passenger locomotives designed and manufactured by Siemens Mobility for the North American market. There are four models of Chargers: the SC-44 for state-supported inter-city services, the SCB-40 for Brightline inter-city service, the SC-42 for VIA corridor service, and the ALC-42 for Amtrak long distance service.

The first production SC-44 was unveiled on March 26, 2016, and entered revenue service on August 24, 2017, followed by the SCB-40, more…

#491 D&RGW BLW 2-8-2 K-37 N XL L M4

The Denver and Rio Grande Western K-37 is a class of 2-8-2 "Mikado" type narrow-gauge steam locomotives built by the D&RGW Burnham Shops. They were made by converting 10 standard gauge C-41 Consolidation locomotives onto new narrow gauge frames.

The locomotives are of outside-frame design, with the driving wheels placed between the two chassis frames which support the boiler, but with the cylinders, driving rods, counterweights and valve gear on the outside. This general arrangement is shared more…

#463 C&T BLW 2-8-2 K-27 N XL L M4

The Denver and Rio Grande Western K-27 is a class of 3 ft narrow gauge 2-8-2 "Mikado" type steam locomotives built for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1903. Known by their nickname "Mudhens," they were the first and the most numerous of the four K classes of Rio Grande narrow gauge engines to be built. Of the original fleet of locomotives, two survive to this day and operate on heritage railways in the United States.

Fifteen locomotives were built, more…

ALCO Dual 16-251B N XL L M4

The ALCO Century 855 was a 5,500 hp (4,101 kW) diesel-electric locomotive built in 1964 by the American Locomotive Company for the Union Pacific Railroad. The locomotive was notable for being ALCO's most powerful diesel-electric locomotive and, at the time, the most powerful diesel locomotive ever built,[1] being surpassed by the 6,600 horsepower (4,922 kilowatts) EMD DDA40X in April 1969.

The Century 855 was designed and built specifically for Union Pacific, which was in need of very high more…

GM-6N71 4-Cyl 20-Ton Crane N XL L M4

Recorded from: Purdue University Orton Crane & Shovel Co. 20-Ton Crane

This Orton 20-ton self-propelled crane was built for Purdue University in 1945, serial number 44596. It was originally gas powered but was converted to diesel in 1960.

Purdue University had two coal fired power plants at its West Lafayette, IN, campus and, when the first power plant was taken off line in 1985, #44596 became surplus. Purdue
eventually donated it to the museum in 1992.
The crane's diesel engine was rebuilt more…