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ALCO 8-251F N XL L M4

The ALCO 251 prime mover was the most popular and abundant prime mover ever made by the company. While it proved to be quite successful, it sadly outlived its original manufacturer, ALCO who closed their doors in 1969. The 251 prime mover is actually still available to purchase today from Fairbanks Morse for use in Marine, Generator, and locomotive uses.

The 1500 horsepower 8cyl version of the 251F could be found in the following locomotives:


The C415 was a large switcher or small road more…

ALCO Dual 16-251B N XL L M4

The ALCO Century 855 was a 5,500 hp (4,101 kW) diesel-electric locomotive built in 1964 by the American Locomotive Company for the Union Pacific Railroad. The locomotive was notable for being ALCO's most powerful diesel-electric locomotive and, at the time, the most powerful diesel locomotive ever built,[1] being surpassed by the 6,600 horsepower (4,922 kilowatts) EMD DDA40X in April 1969.

The Century 855 was designed and built specifically for Union Pacific, which was in need of very high more…

ALCO Dual 6-539T N XL L M4

The ALCO 6cyl 539T engine was developed in response to the perceived drawback that ALCO's line of diesel switchers had a restricted field of vision because of the high hood. Both Baldwin and EMD were offering diesel switchers with a lower engine hood that the trainmen could see over.

The 539T was equipped with the Buchi turbocharger, being made under license by the Elliott Manufacturing Company of Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

This file is for locomotives that use 2 - 539T Prime Movers such as the more…


The ALP-45DP is a “dual mode” locomotive, capable of drawing power from either overhead electrical wires or its own pair of 12-cylinder Caterpillar diesel engines. These flexible locomotives were designed to provide a one-seat commute from NJ TRANSIT’s various diesel-only lines into the electrified territory that leads to New York City’s Penn Station. This fulfills the requirement of not operating diesels through the North River Tunnels and within the subterranean Penn Station complex. Produced more…

Baldwin VO-1000 N XL L M4


1st Generation Horn Template Pack 1
Horns (SoundCV9):
CV163=0 Leslie A-125
CV163=1 Leslie A-200
CV163=2 Leslie S-2M
CV163=3 Leslie S-3K
CV163=4 Leslie S-3L
CV163=5 Leslie S-5T
CV163=6 Nathan M3
CV163=7 Nathan M3H
CV163=8 Nathan M5
CV163=9 Nathan P5 (Old Cast)
CV163=10 Nathan P5R24 (Old Cast)
CV163=11 Nathan P3 (Old Cast)
CV163=12 Nathan P3-R4 (Old Cast)
CV163=13 Nathan P5A (Old Cast)
CV163=14 Wabco E-2

Bells (SoundCV10):
CV164=0 Baldwin Brass Bell more…

BLW 6-606A N XL L M4

Baldwin 606A Prime Movers were used in a few Baldwin prototypes.

RS-12, S-12

Recorded from a BLW S-12

This project is a normal idle version. It is an air throttle version. It has a single exhaust stack.

File also contains an "Isolation Switch" Mode on F15 when Standing Still.
Pressing F15 while not moving will lower the prime mover and lock the motor. F15 must be turned off to begin moving.

Another Mode is "Reverser In Center Position". When pressing F24 while stopped, the motor will more…

BLW 6-606SC N XL L M4

Baldwin 606SC and 606A Prime Movers were used in quite a few Baldwin prototypes.

DS-4-4-1000, RS-12, S-12, DRS-6-4-1000, DRS-4-4-1000, DR-6-2-1000, DT-6-6-2000, RT-624, DR-6-4-2000, DR-6-2-1000.

Though not quite correct the 606SC/606A Prime Mover sounds very similar to the 608SC/608A Prime movers This would be appropriate for:

DRS-6-4-1500, DRS-4-4-1500, DRS-6-6-1500, AS-416, AS-16, AS-616, DR-6-4-1500, DR-4-4-1500 and the RF-16(Sharknose).

Recorded from a BLW DS-4-4-1000-SC

This project more…

BLW 8-608SC N XL L M4

The Baldwin AS-616 was a diesel-electric locomotive of the road switcher type rated at 1,600 horsepower (1,200 kW), that rode on three-axle trucks, having a C-C wheel arrangement.
Nineteen railroads bought 214 locomotives, and two railroads bought seven cabless B units.
Used in much the same manner as its four-axle counterpart, the Baldwin AS-16, though the six-motor design allowed better tractive effort at lower speeds.

Recorded from a BLW AS616

This project is a normal idle version. It is more…

BLW Dual 6-606SC N XL L M4

Baldwin 6 cylinder 606SC with Dual Prime Movers


DT-6-6-2000 - CenterCab Transfer Units, Baldwin Demo, ATSF, EJ&E, Cotton Belt, DSS&A, MN&S, Trona

DR-6-4-2000 - Six axle Sharks, PRR -Classified as BP-20s

This project is a normal idle version. It is an air throttle version. It has single exhaust stacks per motor.

File also contains an "Isolation Switch" Mode on F15 when Standing Still.
Pressing F15 while not moving will lower the prime mover and lock the motor. F15 must be more…

BLW-2-8-0 #29 V&T N XL L M4

Recorded from Virginia & Truckee #29

Originally built for the Longview, Portland and Northern Railway as No. 680, the Locomotive was sold to the V&T in 1977.

It is still running today.

While recorded from a 2-8-0 this file can be used for smaller locomotives in many wheel arrangments.

CV163=0 V&T #29
CV163=1 V&T #25
CV163=2 L&N Passenger
CV163=3 B&O 3-Chime
CV163=4 PRR Pre-War 3-Chime
CV163=5 RBMN #425
CV163=6 HVSR #3 Crosby 3-Chime

CV164=0 #29 V&T Bell
CV164=1 Pnuematic more…