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GE 12-7FDL12F42 N XL L M4

ATSF had on going rebuild programs for U-boats. After the success of the SF30C, Cleburne took aim at U23B's for rebuilding next. The SF30B is a one of a kind rebuild, which now belongs to Minnesota Commercial. ATSF saw it more effective to purchase new locomotives. The SF30B had many upgrades, the unit's horsepower was increased from 2300 to 3000 hp, as the Cleburne Shops installed a General Electric 7FDL-12F30UX prime mover. The electric systems were modified to Dash 7 standards, and Sentry more…

#40 NN BLW 4-6-0 N XL L M4

Recorded from Nevada Northern Railway #40.
We would like to give a special thanks to the NNRY for their help in this project. To find out more about their operation or to book a ride please go to:

The Nevada Northern No. 40 is a 4-6-0 ten-wheeler type, steam locomotive which was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July 1910 for the Nevada Northern Railway Company.

It originally served as a passenger locomotive during the original years of more…

#25 V&T BLW 4-6-0 N XL L M4

Recorded from Virginia & Truckee #25
We would like to give a special thanks to the Nevada State Railroad Museum for their help in this project. To find out more about their operation or to book a ride please go to:

Virginia & Truckee #25 was built in 1905 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

This was the second #25 owned by the V&T. The 4-6-0 steam locomotive, became the first new locomotive the V&T ordered since 1876.

The V&T #25 was more…

#58 J&L Porter 0-4-0T N XL L M4

Recorded from Jones & Laughlin No. 58
We would like to give a special thanks to Youngstown Steel Heritage for their help in this project. To find out more about their operation or to help support them please visit their website:

The Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. No. 58 is a 24" gauge 0-4-0T steam locomotive built in 1937 by the HK Porter Co. in Pittsburgh, PA for use at the J&L South Side Works. It was restored to operating condition at the more…

EMD 16-710G3C LATE EXH T Ed2 N XL L M4

The EMD 710 is a line of diesel engines built by Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD). Introduced in 1985, the 710 series replaced the earlier EMD 645 series. Since its introduction, EMD has continually upgraded the 710G diesel engine. Power output has increased from 3,800 horsepower on 1985's 16-710G3A to 4,500 horsepower on 2012's 16-710G3C-T2. Over the production span of certain locomotive models, upgraded engine models have been fitted when these became available. For example, an early 1994-built more…


The GE FDL-16 prime mover was first used in 1959 in the General Electric U25B locomotive. Over the years little changed in terms of sound until the "Dash-8" series of GE locomotives was introduced. Known for their throaty chug and shaft driven compressor (rather than the more modern “Whoop” electric compressor). There was an interim period following the "U Boats" that began the era in GE called the "Dash-7s". During this time many locos started receiving exhaust silencers and the shape of the more…

GE 8-7FDL8D2 N XL L M4

The GE U18B was introduced by GE as a branch line roadswitcher in 1973. Easy to spot due to its relatively short length — 54 ft 8 in (16.66 m) — it was the only North American locomotive powered by the 8-cylinder FDL engine.

There were some export locomotives built with this prime mover:
SG10B, U15C, U17C, U20C, and the C18-7i

The U18B was not well recieved as only 5 railroads bought the locomotive, with one railroad only purchasing 1 unit, for total of 163 units produced. The Seaboard Coast more…

ALCO 16-251B N XL L M4

The ALCO 251 prime mover was the most popular and abundant prime mover ever made by the company. While it proved to be quite successful, it sadly outlived its original manufacturer, ALCO who closed their doors in 1969. The 251 prime mover is actually still available to purchase today from Fairbanks Morse for use in Marine, Generator, and locomotive uses.

The 16cyl 251B can be found in the following Locomotives:

RS-27, RSD-15, RSD-17, C-424

Recorded from a ALCO RS-27

This project is a normal more…


The EMD GP22ECO is a 2,150 hp (1,600 kW) B-B road switcher diesel-electric locomotive rebuilt by Electro-Motive Diesel and Norfolk Southern's Juniata Shops. Initially EMD built two GP22ECO demonstrators, one based on a GP9 and one based on a GP40,[1] but thus far all orders have been for conversions based on EMD GP40 and EMD GP40-2 series locomotives. The rebuild involves replacing the existing prime mover with an EPA Tier-II-compliant turbocharged V8 710G3A, with Electronic fuel injection. The more…

EMD 20-710G3B LATE EXH T Ed2 N XL L M4

The SD80MAC is a 5000 horsepower C-C diesel-electric locomotive. The SD80MAC uses a 20 cylinder version of EMD's 710G prime mover,formally known as the V-20 710G3B-ES and is the first diesel locomotive to use a 20-cylinder engine since the SD45/SD45-2. The SD80MAC introduced a wide radiator housing similar to GE locomotives and the placement of dynamic brakes at the rear of the locomotive. Key spotting difference between the SD80MAC and SD90MAC include: no external rear sandbox on the 90MAC, more…