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NS1600 / 1800 H0 N XL L M4

NS1600/1800, dutch electric locomotive of the dutch railways "NS"

ÖBB 1016 / 1116 Taurus H0 N XL L M4

For traction of highspeed passenger trains as well as freight trains, Austrian state Railway OEBB received 332 samples of 1016 and 1116 electric locos. The four axle electric loco delivers 6400 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 230 km/h. For cross border service to Hungary also.

ÖBB 1042 H0 N XL L M4

electric locomotive ÖBB 1042 of the austrian railways

ÖBB 1044 H0 N XL L M4

universal electric locomotive ÖBB 1044; sound also suitable for ÖBB 1144

ÖBB 1116 H0 N XL L M4

RailAd ÖBB 1116. long-haul electric locomotive "Taurus"

ÖBB Cityjet/Ventus H0 N XL L M4

The Cityjet and Ventus are electric railcars of the Austrain Railways ÖBB and Raaberbahn. The Cityjet and Ventus were build as 4744 series for regional transport and 4746 (only Cityjet) for S-Bahn operating. the maximum speed is 160 km/h.

PKP EU07/EP07 H0 N XL L M4

In 1965 the polish Pafawag built English Electric design Class 83 in license as classified by the Polish State Railway (PKP) as EU07. Between 1965 and 1994 total 489 samples devided into two externally slightly different series left the factory. The four motor four axle locos (traction motor type EE541) deliver 2080 kW and reach a maximum speed of 125 km/h (with different gearing 140 km/h). Some locos are still in use at PKP.

RABDe 500 / ICN H0 N XL L M4

For Inter-City service on curved routes Swiss State Railway SBB ordered 44 ICN high speed trains. The tilting trains deliver 5200 kW and reach a maximum speed of 220 km/h. In cross border service the trains operate also in Germany.

Re 460 H0 N XL L M4

Swiss electric loco Re 460

Re 6/6 H0 N XL L M4

electric locomotive Re 6/6 of the SwissRailways SBB