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SNCB Reeks 62 H0 N XL L M4

SNCB / NMBS Reeks 62, EMD 567 12-cylinders engine


SNCB / NMBS Diesel rail car DMU 41 by Alstom

Desiro H0 N XL L M4

Dieseltriebwagen Epoche IV

Kleindiesel H0 N XL L M4

small diesel locomotive engine for narrow gauge railways, similar to Deutz engines

Köf II H0 N XL L M4

small linkage geared Diesel switcher

VT12.5 H0 N XL L M4

Diesel rail car VT12.5

MaK Vossloh G1206 H0 N XL L M4

Manufacturer MaK had introduced its successful four axle freight locomotive in 1997. Till 2012 170 samples of the loco had been produced by MaK and its follower Vossloh. The diesel motor delivers around 1500 kW at 1800 rpm and reaches a maximum speed of 60 -100 km/h depending on gearing.

KEG 2100 / PKP ST434 H0 N XL L M4

romanian diesel locomotive KEG2100

Talent H0 N XL L M4

BR 643 Talent Diesel version

SNCF 68000 H0 N XL L M4

SNCF 68000 with diesel-elektric engine by Sulzer