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Baureihe 19.10 H0 N XL L M4

The 1930s were a decade of major global innovations in the field of railway technology. New electric and diesel-powered locomotives revolutionised the world on rails. Steam locomotives were also improved and attracted a great deal of attention by breaking world records in Germany and Britain, attaining speeds of 200 km/h. How-ever, experts were well aware that the traditional steam engine had reached the end of the road, at least as far as further increases in speed were concerned. Possible more…


In 1913 Swiss narrow gauge railway Brig-Furka-Disentis-Bahn BFD ordered 13 samples of HG ¾ for cog railway. The locos deliver 440 kW and reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h in adhesion service and 20 km/h when operating in cog track.

Big Boy (UP 4023) H0 N XL L M4

articulated steam locomotive
4-8-8-4 BIG BOY

BR 01.10 Kohle N XL L M4

Steam locomotive BR 01.10, coal firered

BR 05 003 N XL L M4

In 1935 German manufacturer Borsig had delivered 4-6-4 steam locos 05 001 and 002 for Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft DRG for fast passenger service. 05 003 had been delivered in 1937 with cab forward design. After WW II DB rebuilt the locos without streamline body and used them till 1958.

BR 05.003 H0 N XL L M4

Steam locomotive 05.003, 3 cylinders

BR 14 H0 N XL L M4

The two new models that Brawa is launching are beautiful, fast and enduring. The S 9 Länderbahn in green and the DRG’s BR 14 in black are genuinely beautiful steam locomotives. Brawa’s models are just as appealing as the originals, and they incorporate a whole host of precision details such as accurately replicated paintwork and true-to-epoch lighting. The boiler, chassis, gangplank, tender box and spoked wheels are also precision made in die-cast zinc, and the locomotives have doors that open more…

BR 18.4 N XL L M4

express train BR18.4 of the german railways (DB) Class S 3/6 steam locomotives of the Royal Bavarian State Railways

BR 38 / P8 N XL L M4

The Prussian P8 locos probably is the best known German steam loco ever. At nearly any German territory P8 (later BR 38.10-40) locos had been used often for more than 50 years. The dependable two cylinder locos delivered 1180 HP and reached a maximum speed of 100 km/h. After WW II 1200 locos stayed at DB, another 700 at DR. P8 also had been used in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Poland, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Turkeye.

BR 38.4 H0 N XL L M4

Steam locomotive BR38.4