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HAG RE 4/4 H0 N XL L M4

GTW 2/6 H0 N XL L M4

Stadler GTW 2/6 Triebwagen

Ae 6/6 H0 N XL L M4

Swiss electric locomotive Ae 6/6 for SBB and other companies

Ae 4/7 H0 N XL L M4

universal locomotive of the swiss raillways )SBB)

Vt858 N XL L M4

For relations with less passenger traffic Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (DRG) ordered a quantity of 17 rail diesel cars with the VT 851-861 and VT 866-871. The 6-cylinder four stroke engine gave his power via four speed gear box onto one side rod equipped truck. Based on the passenger rail diesel cars the DRG also built three cars for light part load traffic. After WWII one passenger car stayed in service at DB till 1957, another one at DR till around 1960.

BR 261 N XL L M4

After Millenium the German State Railway (DB) need to order new locos to replace old fashioned shunting locos of Classes 362 - 365 (former BR V60) and 290 - 295 (former BR V90). The German Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co KG developed the BR261 diesel locomotive. The prime mover of version 10BB is MTU 8V 4000 R42 and develops 1000 kW at 1800 rpm. With a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a tractive power of 258 kN the BR261 is used in heavy shunting service as well as for mid range freight more…

BR245 / Traxx DE ME N XL L M4

BR 245 is the brand new diesel electric multi-motor loco of German State Railway DB. Based on the electric locos BR 145-185 new 245 shares around 75 % of the parts with them. The four Caterpillar CAT C18 diesel motors develop 563 kW each. The loco is able to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Only sometimes the traction motors need the energy of all of the four motors, so the electronic system decides by itself to start or to switch off motors during operation.

Class 66 N XL L M4

Mit der im Jahr 2001 festgelegten Liberalisierung des internationalen Eisenbahngüterverkehrs benötigten die neu gegründeten Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen (EVU) Triebfahrzeuge, um die den staatlichen Bahnen abgerungenen Verkehre zu bewältigen. Die Beschaffung technisch hochentwickelter Neufahrzeuge kam aus Kostengründen oftmals nicht in Frage. Eine preisgünstige Lösung bot die amerikanische Electro-Motive Division (EMD) mit der bereits in Großbritannien erprobten Class 66 an. Die als JT 42 CWR more…

ESU BR 215 - 12V N XL L M4

The class 215 diesel locomotives of the Western German Railway (DB) are used in mixed service since 1968. 215 001 to 010 and 215 071 to 093 were equipped with a 12 cylinder 4 stroke main Diesel from MAN that was later called MTU 12 V 956 TB10 that generates 2500 HP. All 215 had a steam boiler OK 4616 made by Hagenuk (licence given by Vapor Heating). A quite similar boiler had been used in some american GP7 and GP9 locos as steam heating equipment. During the late 1990s the DB replaced the steam more…

V200.0 N XL L M4

In early 1950s young German Federal Railway (DB) introduced four axle two motor dieselhydraulic V200. The loco is powered by two 12 cylinder 1100 HP diesel made by Daimler-Benz, MAN or mostly a MD650 made by Maybach. For use in passenger service all locos received steam heating equipment by Hagenuk. With its maximum speed of 140 km/h the locos were used for multi purpose. After around 30 years DB discharged the locos. 13 locos went to Italian users, seven were sold to swiss SBB for traction of more…