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SR West Country Class (Un-R) N XL L M4

Oliver Bulleid designed SR West Country Class with an air-smoothed body that gives the 110 samples a distinctive look. The members of West Country class ran smoothly even at high speed but they consumed too much fuel. So BR decided to re-design many of the locos with a more conventional look even in the early 1960s. Many of the non-rebuilts survived in service until 1967.

Standart Class7 Britannia N XL L M4

Debuting in 1951 the BR Standard Class 7 had been one of the most famous classes of British steam locomotives. The two cylinder locos reached a maximum speed of 144 km/h and were used till 1966. 70000 “Britannia” and 70013 “Oliver Cromwell” are preserved and power fan trip trains.

Universal Schmalspur BR99 N XL L M4

Steam locomotive universal sound
e.g. suitable for German Baureihe 99 and several light railways