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Dual EMD 12-567C  LokSound 5 North American and Australian Sound files N XL L M4

First made in the late 1930's the EMD 12cyl 567 Prime Movers were the power houses in many of EMD's Switchers. At the same time EMD found they could put 2 of these Prime movers together in one carbody to create a more powerful locomotive. Often geared for passenger service the E Units were created.


1st Generation Horn Template Pack 1
Horns (SoundCV9):
CV163=0 Leslie A-125
CV163=1 Leslie A-200
CV163=2 Leslie S-2M
CV163=3 Leslie S-3K
CV163=4 Leslie S-3L more…

EMD Dual 12-567BC 2EXH NT  LokSound 5 North American and Australian Sound files N XL L M4

The 567 prime mover is a line of medium-speed diesel engines manufactured by GM Electro-Motive Division. They were used in many EMD locomotives from 1938-1966 when it was replaced by the EMD 645. The 567 proved to be exceptionally successful in passenger, switching, freight, marine and stationary services.

E-units standardized the two engine configuration for passenger locomotives to maximize power and, while the less-reliable Winton Diesel motors were in use, face a less severe loss of power more…