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BR218 TB11 Motor  LokSound V4.0 & LokPilot V4.0 for Factory Equipped Locomotives N XL L M4

diesel locomotive BR218 (MB TB11 motor)

Stadler Euro Dual / BR159  LokSound 5 factory equipped sounds N XL L M4

Instead of equipping electric locomotives with just a diesel power pack (last mile package), which enables them to be used independently of the driving current, for example on sidings, Stadler developed the EuroDual, which carries a full-fledged diesel engine. The EuroDual, run as the 159 series, runs purely electrically under the 15 kV-16 2/3 Hz system as well as in the AC and DC networks commonly used in France. Depending on the operating mode, traction power between 6150 kW and 7000 kW is more…

BR 212 (V100 DB)  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

The diesel locomotive V100 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) had been developed in the late 1950s to replace the Prussian steam locos BR 38.10-40, BR 55 and 78. The locos had 12 cylinder four stroke motors with 1100 HP of MAN, Mercedes-Benz or Maybach. A pair of those motors also worked in the famous V200. The DB found out that the motors were not strong enough for some service so the DB ordered a stronger version of the V100.10 (later numbered as BR 211) named V100.20 (later BR 212). The 212 had more…

BR 218  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

The classes (BR) 215 and 218 diesel locomotives of the Western German Railway (DB) are used in mixed service since 1968. 218 101 to 194, 218 242 to 288 were equipped with a 12 cylinder 4 stroke main Diesel from MAN that was later called MTU 12 V 956 TB10 that generates 2500 HP. The 2800 HP version of this motor is called MTU 12 V 956 TB11. In the late 1980s the exhaust system of BR 218 with the 12 V motor had been optimized. Since 1995 many of the 218 are equipped with motors called "MTU 12 V more…

BR130, BR131, BR132DR, BR232  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

The most famous East German diesel loco is the 132. The six axle diesel electric loco is nicknamed “Ludmilla” by train fans. 709 samples of the 3000 HP locos had been delivered by Lokomotivfabrik Woroschilowgrad in Lugansk (Soviet Union today Ukraine) between 1973 and 1983 to the In the late 1960s the railway of the German Democratic Republic (DR) ordered successors for their V200 class. The new class should have an electric heating to pull also passenger trains. The first two series (class 130 more…

BR 650  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

diesel hydraulic railcar BR650

BR120DR /V200DR/Taigatrommel  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

For heavy freight service East German Deutsche Reichsbahn DR ordered 378 samples of diesel electric locos V200 (later BR 120, from 1990 on classified as BR 220). The 14D40 2-stroke prime mover develops 1471 kW at 750 rpm. Maximum speed was 100 km/h. As the locos were very loud people nick-named them Taigadrum.

V180 / BR118  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

The V180 (Era IV BR 118, since 1990 BR 228) had been the first two motor diesel locomotive of the railway of GDR for medium main line service. The two turbo charged traction motors delivered 900 HP each and enabled the loco to reach a maximum speed of 120 km/h at 1500 RPM. For the use on branch lines the producer VEB Lokomotivbau “Karl Marx” developed a six axle version that shared the technical equipment with her four axle sister.

VT11.5 Gasturbine (BR602)  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

In 1971 German State Railway DB decided to improve acceleration of its diesel railcar units 601 by replacing diesel prime movers with Avco Lycoming TF 35 gas turbines. The four head end motor cars now deliver 1620 kW each and enable the 11-car train to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. You can select between 3 airhorns by setting CV48 to a value of either 0,1 or 2

BR 229  LokSound V4.0 European Soundfiles H0 N XL L M4

Diesel locomotive BR 229, former DR BR 119 ("Submarine")